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Window Cleaners

Our Services

Seva offers a host of fully integrated, tech-enabled facility and property management services for hassle-free maintenance & operation of your office space and home.

we have developed a host of services to help you and your office have a seamless cleaning and maintenance experience.


Staff solutions 

We provide best quality services of Management Selection, Staff Administration and HR consulting. We are particularly strong in Management Selection, as we employ experienced recruiters, who successfully complete the most complicated projects by finding and selecting the most talented specialists in various industries.

We carefully study the corporate culture of the client company and the requirements and challenges placed on the job candidate and offer only those candidates, which fit into our client company corporate culture. We appreciate business ethics, and we never compromise it for any sake.

Feminine hygiene disposal unit

Using the right menstrual products and disposing of them in the correct way is important. As much as using the product, more concern lies in disposing them the right way.  It is unhealthy not only for rag pickers but also animals and the environment. Disposing of these products is essential and if done in the right way will help the environment in the long run.


Sanitary pad vending machine

With the uncertainty and the unavailability of feminine hygiene products, it is important to be equipped with the right possible machines. Menstrual hygiene is crucial and so is using the right products. Keep your office more adaptable and approachable with these vending machines, so your ladies know it's the right place to fit it! 

Cold fogging sanitizing.png


Fogging is an effective way to disinfect large spaces. Cold fogging does not need a person present to operate. Cold fogging offers a faster method for thoroughly disinfecting your home or business. The more traffic that you have from people, the more often you may need to engage in deep disinfection.

Cold fogging sanitizing.png
Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning material supplies

With pollution and dust in the atmosphere keeping your offices clean becomes a prime and difficult task. Over a period of time innovation has taken over this industry as well and there are products available now which ease out the pressure of keeping your office premises clean.


So right from selecting the right mop to choosing the right cleaning agents, we give you a wide choice across the specific range you are looking for. We are recognized as a leading wholesale cleaning supplier in Thane.


When it comes to cleaning the requirements are varied and different across offices, in some offices the cobwebs have to be cleaned more frequently whereas in some offices the problem of keeping the toilets clean is a headache. Hence choosing the right equipment and material is important to get desired results.

Deep house cleaning

With all the busy schedule you already have, we know you don’t want to burden yourself with one more task. And believe us or not, cleaning is one of the most tedious jobs ever, but we make it fun and a place for y'all. Worry less and work more. Your cleaning on us!

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink
Carpet Vacuum


Carpet is one of the most important parts of decoration in a house and is among the first items to be bought when building a house. The cleaning of an important part of the decor is also very important. Carpets, which we continuously press our feet on containing many microbes that we know or do not know, such as bacteria, and mites.


Pest control provides protection from harmful insects that can cause public health issues and costly damages to property. Timely disinfection is important to maintain the sanity and purity of the organisation/ home.

Lawn Spraying
Cleaning Windows

Facade cleaning

As much as the inner beauty matters, the outer look of the organization matters the most. Building facade cleaning is essential to make sure that your building is clean, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing.


Air purifiers are appliances that clear the dust and particles that are unfit for health. Air is something we consume  24/7 all year round, and it determines the health of our body. With all the urbanization taking place, it's the need of the hour to be in a safe and healthy environment. 

Hand Dryer_.jpg

Hand dryer

Being a frontrunner in the industry, we are involved in providing our customers highly qualitative Hand Dryers Services.

– in fact, we’ve been supplying, installing and servicing hand dryers for more than x years.  Over the years, we’ve been part of the evolution of this essential but often neglected appliance – and today’s hand dryers are far more than just a “noisy box on the wall”!


Microprocessor control, optimum heat and air velocity, air blade technology. It may be “just a dryer”, but these are the things we get excited about – and our knowledge means you can get the best equipment for your business to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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Cleaning the Floor

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